Project Pony is an exciting initiative that helps identify and support talented young riders with a realistic ambition, talent and drive to compete at the top level, both nationally and internationally, in the sport of eventing.

We focus on riders between the ages of 12 and 16 who are riding and competing on ponies. Athletes are supported with a comprehensive support system, training opportunities and in some instances, when necessary, riders will be offered the opportunity to ride one of the Project Pony team’s ponies.

With the help of industry professionals, we are developing a database of riders that we feel Project Pony will be most effective in helping.

Please find below a rough guideline of the levels we expect riders to be competing at in relation to their age


11-12 years old

To have all round experience at PC, NSEA, WHP, BS at 80-90cm and have a good understanding of correct schooling.


12-13 years old 

To be competing confidently at 90cm level with some success and ambition to move up the levels. No BE experience necessary, however must be competing regularly within the PC, BS, BSPS not just unaffiliated/local shows.


14 years old

To have an initial BE record at BE90 and ideally BE100 and be jumping confidently PC/BS/NSEA 1m and above.


15-16 years old

Must have a good record at BE100 level and be jumping confidently at 1.10m in training and shows. We will only seriously consider a rider in their last year on ponies (the year in which they turn 16) in exceptional circumstances.

Please be mindful that these are guidelines only but it will help you assess suitability.